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Two sizes of hopper are available, 120 litre or 300 litre

Available with 5 to 9 outlets which are interchangeable

Three types of electrically driven rotors are available depending on the size of seed being sown.

Prices start from £2300 for 120 Litre Hopper

Prices start from £2700 for 300 Litre Hopper

Plus Delivery and VAT

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Seed can be broadcast from distributer plates or dropped in a band behind a cultivator leg

T15 Manual

Three control systems are available:

1. Standard control box with on/off and speed variation for calibration

2. Speed sensing via an electro magnetic pulse sensor

3. Self contained GPS system.

T15 120 and 300 litre instruction book new 2015.doc


The T15 Flexi Seeder from BULLOCK TILLAGE is a multi-purpose 12 volt applicator for distributing most small seeds up to 6 metres wide.

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