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Hydraulically adjustable front levelling board

Adjustable tine angle

Hydraulic adjustment of rear packer for depth control

Support legs for easy detachment from the tractor

3 Metre Grass 300 (without seeder)

from £12,750 + Delivery + VAT

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The Grass 300 has been designed as a multi purpose harrow to deal with the challenges of improving grassland condition.

At the front there is a full width of hydraulically adjustable levelling board capable of levelling mole hills and organic manures. Behind the levelling board there are three rows adjustable of tines, the first two rows are 12mm heavy duty cranked tines for pulling out weeds and matting. The third row are lighter duty 8mm tines for levelling and seed coverage.

At the rear there is a full width hydraulically adjustable prismatic packer which ensures a good level surface and is used for depth control.

The Grass 300 can handle all operations required for grassland management and has even greater flexibility when used in combination with an airseeder."

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Full width prismatic packer