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Working width 3 metres.

Five 510mm (20") discs protected by rubber shock absorbers

Five subsoiler legs made from Hardox steel

Shear bolt protection of subsoiler legs

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3.5 or 8 inch wings available on subsoiler points

Full width pressed steel packer

Road lighting

Three support stands for safe detachment of Disc - Sub from tractor


The Disc-Sub soil loosener is designed as a universal soil conditioner by removing compaction and improving drainage. The five leading large diameter discs cut through the soil surface and residue reducing soil heave in front of the subsoiler tines. Consolidation is carried out by a press steel packer. It is ideal in conditions where there are high levels of residue or where the soil surface needs to be left level for direct-drilling systems.

The low draught subsoiler tines are made from Hardox steel and are protected by a shear bolt. In the event the shear bolt breaks a further safety bolt protects the leg from hitting the press steel packer. This safety feature enables the packer to be placed close to the subsoiler legs and so shortening the overall length of the Disc-Sub making the machine compact and manoeuvrable"

Power requirement 110 to 180 hp depending on soil type and wing size.

Prices start from £11,000 + Delivery + VAT

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Disc-Sub Instruction book.pdf