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200 litre hopper

8 Outlets

Land wheel or GPS drive

Prices start from £3,300 Plus Delivery and VAT

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Control box on applicator and in cab

Low level sensor


The SP 200 Air Seeder is a multi purpose 12 volt applicator for distributing most small seeds from 2 to 6 metres working width. The SP 200 is controlled by GPS or land wheel drive and has a 200 litre hopper and 8 outlets.

The SP 200 comes with two control box's. For calibration and setting up there is a control box attached to the applicator. A second control box is in the cab of the tractor providing up to date information on area covered and seed used with the ability to increase or decrease seed rate by 5% increments.

Inside the hopper there is a low level seed sensor connected to the control box and also a ball valve level sensor connected to a level indicator on the outside of the hopper allowing quick and easy view of seed levels.

Three types of rotor are provided to give the required application rate and a full width agitator is provided above the rotor to avoid any bridging of seed.

Air flow is provided by two high performance fans which, as an optional extra, can be regulated for speed via the control box. A magnetic finger switch is also provided, principally used with the GPS version, for switching the rotor on/off on headland turns. The SP 200 comes complete with 25 metres of pipe, six metres of rail in one metre lengths that can be bolted together, eight spreader plates, three rotors and either GPS or land wheel drive.

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Spreader plates and 6 metres of attachment brackets